Monday, August 25, 2008


For the first time in three years, I feel calm relaxed and I think happy? I say I think because I do not believe in that word. I grown up to thinking happiness was a feeling that people pretend to have. However, damn, I finally feel elated, I feel amazed. Truly, right now I feel unbeatable undefeatable, I feel as if I finally can… think. I feel myself growing as a human as a person as a man, I am here to make it I am here to do comedy. I am here to defeat the demons in myself; the only way I can do this is by going forward no matter what.

I can for one time in so long see myself like really see who I am, I am glad, I am so proud of myself. It takes a real strong person to continue on a road that has been boobie trapped... I feel great, and I will prove the naysayers the angry ones wrong. I will use my comedy to influence others. I have been, but not putting my entire strength into my business my life in anything. I cried on the inside as I watched others do great monumental things I was jealous still am. I slept for close to three years, I slept because the heartache I put many though, I slept because of the voices, and I slept because I wanted to get away. But I can't get away until my goal has been met. Until the young children, the men, and the women feel as if they can conquer life. I will not stop on this crusade because I have the power within myself to change.

For the past two days I have been working, working on my future, working on my life, working on the nation, working on my comedy, AND LORD KNOWS IT FEELS GREAT. I worked and worked and sent emails, and written for 8 hours straight JOKE AFTER JOKE AFTER JOKE AFTER JOKE. And I must say My friends my enemies my fans I am here until the time my father calls me home, but before he calls me I will conquer this country, I will do what no other has done. I will affect lives I will fly over the sunset and make anyone know they can do it.

Man, to think recently I let the failings of others, the lies, the behavior of others, the ignorance fuck my head up. Because I was hung up in someone that left me, because I was hung up on not independent friends. Because I gave and gave and gave and they took it all for themselves and left just the ashes of my soul behind. They will take no more of my love, my heart I will cherish myself as I cherish God's will and my graces and my love of life, and my hope. Yes, Hope. I hope, the world realize the error of their ways, I HOPE that you are trying your best to make yourself feel better.

I HOPE you find something you love as much as I have. I found comedy, I found the nation, I found hope I found my family, and I found GOD AND JESUS. The Lord is looking down upon me and I say thank you for your wisdom and thank you for letting me feel something I have not felt in many years.

I am not a christen, nor am I religious Oh you know that. But damnit I know there is a God there is a Jesus, there is something else to life. I do not know what; maybe it is helping others, help your brothers, help your sisters help them.

Forgive the ones that hurt you, forgive the ones that betrayed you forgive them for they not know what they have done. Forgive them for yourself because you need peace of mind. YOU, need to live again, you need to let go of the hatred, let go of the anger, let it go and not let it come back. Kick it to hell.

We were created for what reason I do not know, but I know what I feel. I know who I care for and love and cherish and I am here to tell you all THE REIGN OF ANGER HAS ENDED. I AM HERE TO TELL YOU, WE WILL OVERCOME. Tonight, tomorrow, and the day after we will MAKE THE WORLD KNOW WHO WE ARE.

Mt JTV FRIENDS, MY family, my enemies, my internet pals, and my real life pals, to the peeps that stood by me for me with me. THANK YOU. THANK ALL OF YOU; YOU ALL HAVE GIVEN ME STRENGTH PRIDE IN MYSELF. I think clear again, I can THINK FREE AGAIN. We will do great things, and I will do my best to make this the most unforgettable ride ever.

As I have said many a time, either you stand with me by my side as we conquer life. Or you can continue to live a mundane existence and blame others for your problems. I know what I am going to do.

Everything in my power to make it.

I will destroy you with Laughter. Than motivate you with my Funniness.

Motivational Funnyman D'Andre Siggers.


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