Monday, August 25, 2008


For the first time in three years, I feel calm relaxed and I think happy? I say I think because I do not believe in that word. I grown up to thinking happiness was a feeling that people pretend to have. However, damn, I finally feel elated, I feel amazed. Truly, right now I feel unbeatable undefeatable, I feel as if I finally can… think. I feel myself growing as a human as a person as a man, I am here to make it I am here to do comedy. I am here to defeat the demons in myself; the only way I can do this is by going forward no matter what.

I can for one time in so long see myself like really see who I am, I am glad, I am so proud of myself. It takes a real strong person to continue on a road that has been boobie trapped... I feel great, and I will prove the naysayers the angry ones wrong. I will use my comedy to influence others. I have been, but not putting my entire strength into my business my life in anything. I cried on the inside as I watched others do great monumental things I was jealous still am. I slept for close to three years, I slept because the heartache I put many though, I slept because of the voices, and I slept because I wanted to get away. But I can't get away until my goal has been met. Until the young children, the men, and the women feel as if they can conquer life. I will not stop on this crusade because I have the power within myself to change.

For the past two days I have been working, working on my future, working on my life, working on the nation, working on my comedy, AND LORD KNOWS IT FEELS GREAT. I worked and worked and sent emails, and written for 8 hours straight JOKE AFTER JOKE AFTER JOKE AFTER JOKE. And I must say My friends my enemies my fans I am here until the time my father calls me home, but before he calls me I will conquer this country, I will do what no other has done. I will affect lives I will fly over the sunset and make anyone know they can do it.

Man, to think recently I let the failings of others, the lies, the behavior of others, the ignorance fuck my head up. Because I was hung up in someone that left me, because I was hung up on not independent friends. Because I gave and gave and gave and they took it all for themselves and left just the ashes of my soul behind. They will take no more of my love, my heart I will cherish myself as I cherish God's will and my graces and my love of life, and my hope. Yes, Hope. I hope, the world realize the error of their ways, I HOPE that you are trying your best to make yourself feel better.

I HOPE you find something you love as much as I have. I found comedy, I found the nation, I found hope I found my family, and I found GOD AND JESUS. The Lord is looking down upon me and I say thank you for your wisdom and thank you for letting me feel something I have not felt in many years.

I am not a christen, nor am I religious Oh you know that. But damnit I know there is a God there is a Jesus, there is something else to life. I do not know what; maybe it is helping others, help your brothers, help your sisters help them.

Forgive the ones that hurt you, forgive the ones that betrayed you forgive them for they not know what they have done. Forgive them for yourself because you need peace of mind. YOU, need to live again, you need to let go of the hatred, let go of the anger, let it go and not let it come back. Kick it to hell.

We were created for what reason I do not know, but I know what I feel. I know who I care for and love and cherish and I am here to tell you all THE REIGN OF ANGER HAS ENDED. I AM HERE TO TELL YOU, WE WILL OVERCOME. Tonight, tomorrow, and the day after we will MAKE THE WORLD KNOW WHO WE ARE.

Mt JTV FRIENDS, MY family, my enemies, my internet pals, and my real life pals, to the peeps that stood by me for me with me. THANK YOU. THANK ALL OF YOU; YOU ALL HAVE GIVEN ME STRENGTH PRIDE IN MYSELF. I think clear again, I can THINK FREE AGAIN. We will do great things, and I will do my best to make this the most unforgettable ride ever.

As I have said many a time, either you stand with me by my side as we conquer life. Or you can continue to live a mundane existence and blame others for your problems. I know what I am going to do.

Everything in my power to make it.

I will destroy you with Laughter. Than motivate you with my Funniness.

Motivational Funnyman D'Andre Siggers.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Blogging for awhile.

I have not done one of these in a long while; I do not know why I guess I was rather drained. I guess you can say that deep inside I did not feel like writing I have not written a new joke in three months; I have not performed in awhile either. I cannot say I am happy I really do not believe in happiness. The Human race is truly happy when we see another suffer, that is why we love to watch celebrities suffer. We love that people with millions get there shit handed to them.

We pretend we are happy, because we have a stupid job that pays just above minimum wage, because chicks suck our dicks, because our wife lost 20 pounds, because our retarded kids did well on a math test. Those things do not truly make us happy; it makes us have that feeling. Is this it? My life, is this all it is? Living in a shit town with shit parents and a piece of shit boyfriend or girlfriend.

I have seen the light many times I failed many times and I still stand not because I want to but because I have to, I have to make sure I am the man needed to be to do great things. I care for others more then I should, helping giving advice loving. Yet I see no end sight for my journey I only see more user's abusers liars and pathetic humans that think it all is a game. Life is not a game; it is a tragic place full of demons hatred and anger. There is no devil that lives in hell that breathes fire that has a fork. We are the devil, we kill, we molest, we lie, we cheat, we are the devils the bible spoke about Hell is EARTH!

Have you ever sat down and just thought of life so hard that it makes the pit of your soul sick. That you wish for happiness that may never come, that you pray to God for a great future. Have you ever wanted to be cared for have a nation of people love you. I wake up every day and I think about myself, I think about what is needed from me to gain what I dream. If people knew I would be great they would not dare fuck me over or treat me as if I am an Aids patient. Yet they do not know we do not have a crystal ball, so I am disrespected "he will not make it no need to worry about D'Andre. No need to give a shit."

The Meek will inherit the earth.

My favorite saying because I think of it as God telling me to keep steady you will survive you will have it all. I give and I do not ask for a lot in return, I just want respect and someone that cares for me as I care for them. It probably is a long time away from that, considering the kind of man I am. I think of comedy, I think of life, and I think of friends long gone loves that are not here anymore. I think of the people in the world that do not know how great they have it.

I am here to do great things and that means I have to have a shitty life, no friends, no lovers, not much family, just me alone. I will be alone for a long long time it is just how it is. People think they can get better than me, fuck Siggers I know a dude down the street that is better for me. Fuck Siggers, I know a comedian that is funnier than he is. That is okay, keep saying what I am not and you will forget what I am.

I am tired of ignorance, staidness, foolishness, lying people that think it is fun to make people feel a certain way. You will learn just as I learned. I can stand up tall and say I tried and I will keep trying, and when I get to the point in my life where I want to be I will look down on you and say "it is okay." I understand, you were not ready to accept me it is your fault, your ignorance, your ignorant feeble-minded stupid self. Thank you for not accepting me for who I am because now I can accept myself and do what I must for myself. I am better than you are, I am greater than you are and I love myself.

So keep living your life, keep saying fuck this fuck that. Keep picking others over another good person. keep forgetting where you came from, keep picking favorites. And I will keep on moving, I will crack the code to life and live in happiness true happiness if there is even a true happiness. I will find out the secret alone if you do not stand beside me with me for me then I will do it on my own.

However, remember you had your chances. You all had your chances to become greater than what you are. It is easy to look at my faults, but you refuse to look at who I am and who I will become. Trust me I am going to be doing big things.

Then you, your friends, and your family can all say to each other, god damn how stupid was I to treat him like that. Not because I am rich, because I am a comedian or none of that but because I have a big heart and you fucked up a good person that would have done nothing but put a smile on your face.